Destination: Dressed to Perfection

Ask any Bride what she’s most excited about when she starts planning her wedding, and if she’s anything like me, her answer will be “The Wedding Dress!”

Collette Dinnigan - 2011 Collection as featured on The Knot

Finding the perfect dress can be difficult though, so we thought this weeks blog would look at some ways to simplify the process, ensuring it’s a positive experience for everyone involved ūüôā

Here’s a couple of simple tips that will help you all say Yes to the Dress!

Step One: D.Y.R. – Do Your Research!

So you are probably thinking to yourself, how hard can it be to find a pretty white dress? Well with so many different brands, styles, and budgets – it can be harder than you think!¬† A great place to start if you aren’t 100% sure of what you are looking for, is Bridal Magazines!¬† There are a huge number of Magazines out there dedicated to everything Bridal, but not all magazines are the same, and when you are forking out up to $15 a mag, you want to make sure it’s a worthwhile spend!¬† Here are some of my faves that have a great range of dresses that will help you find a starting point for the most important dress you’ll ever wear!

  • The Knot Magazine¬†is a fantastic magazine that is filled with gorgeous wedding dresses! They also do great features for the more ‘budget conscious’ bride, meaning there are beautiful option available regardless of your budget!
  • Martha Stewart Weddings¬†is another favourite, MSW is packed with Advertisements from many different dress designers and stores, and this will help you decide on not just the types of dresses that you like, but also get a sense of which designers/brands will work for you
  • Cosmopolitan Bride¬†is my pick for young brides, and brides on a budget.¬† They nail the ’20 – 30 something’ demographic, and¬†it’s filled¬†with great editorial and images, making it¬†easy to cut pictures out¬†for your scrap-book of dress ideas!

If you don’t want to spend money on magazines, another easy option is to check out some of the local stores in your local area online.¬†¬†Research the brands, designers, and price points so that when you are ready to make appointments at the store to try some on, you already have a rough idea of what you like, and what you can afford.¬†¬†Try the yellow pages online to get you started, or try googling it for broader search results.

Step Two: Dress Dollars – What price are you willing to pay?

Now I know that some people¬†might think that you cannot possibly put a price on a dress that makes you happy – but the reality is that the majority of brides need to find a dress that they can afford – and this isn’t always easy!¬† Do yourself a favour, find the designers and brands that you like, that also do a range within your price point.¬† If your dress budget is $1500, don’t torture yourself by visiting a high-end boutique that has nothing in your price range!¬† You know you’ll just end up lusting after a dress that you can never have – and there’s rarely a happy ending in those situations!¬† Give yourself a reasonable number and keep that amount in mind when you are visiting bridal stores.¬† Make sure you also tell your bridal consultant the dollar amount you have in mind, doing so will help keep you honest, and ensure you don’t waste time looking at a dress that is not within your reach.¬† Here’s a few ideas that will help keep you on track!

This beautiful gown by Rachel Gilbert retails for under $1000AUD available at

  • Pick a number – and stick to it! Don’t be talked into buying something you can’t afford as you’ll just regret it later.
  • If you find a dress you love, that’s at the top end of your budget, try get some accessories thrown in as part of the deal.¬† There’s usually quite a high mark-up on anything to do with weddings, so ask them to throw in a veil, accessories, or shoes to sweeten the deal and help ease the purse strings
  • If you are determined to buy a designer dress, but don’t have the $$$ to back up your champagne tastes, consider buying a pre-loved dress, or even renting one. It’s a fantastic way to look¬† like a million dollars, without it costing a million dollars! check out these sites to get you started: I Do Gowns,¬†Still White, or even Ebay!
  • Don’t forget that not all wedding dresses have to cost you the earth – Australian Designer Rachel Gilbert has beautiful gowns, and all within the most budget-savvy brides reach.

Step Three: Your dress should be YOUR dress!

With all of the above in mind, at the end of the day you need to choose a dress that’s all about YOU.¬† Whilst you should welcome imput and advice from your loved ones, even if your dress is¬†being paid for by a family member it should still be something that you feel comfortable in.¬†

The best way to ensure you’ll look back at your wedding photo’s in years to come and not cringe in horror, is if you’ve chosen a dress that best reflects your style and personality…not something you’ve chosen just to please your Mother!

Choose something that reflects your style, ideals, morals and feels like it’s ‘right’ when you are wearing it.¬† If you aren’t a ‘girly’ girl in your everyday life, then think long and hard before you decide your wedding day is the day you will wear a big meringue dress covered in bows and ribbons!¬† You will most likely have enough nerves and anxiety in the lead up to the wedding, and you want this to melt away when you slip into your bridal gown.¬† Just remember, nobody does ‘You’ better than you do!

With all that in mind, make sure that finding the right dress is the fun and positive experience it’s supposed to be, and don’t ever feel that you need to fit in with someone else’s tradition – whether you wear white, black, pink, sparkly, classic¬†or a pant suit, if it makes you happy and feels right, then go for it ūüôā

xx DWB

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2 thoughts on “Destination: Dressed to Perfection

  1. It doesn’t have to be white, which is a difficult color for many women. I married last week wearing a long dress that was a soft pink/mauve which I dressed up with a gorgeous silk/sequined overblouse that added color and sparkle. The dress by itself was too plain but the shape and length were perfect; I’d had it for years.

    Being completely comfortable in your dress, shoes and other accessories will make a big difference. I splurged on Manolos for my wedding shoes and they were a hit.

    • So true! White is a difficult colour for a lot of people to wear – and I know that I rarely wear ‘white’ in day to day life, so why feel pressured on our wedding day! Thanks for leaving your feedback! (And I bet your Manolos were gorgeous ūüôā

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